Utilities for SSRL Fluorescence Scans

RasTools is a small suite of utilities for working with fluoroescent scan data from the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL). Currently the package can handle files in the raster (.RAS) format, and Sam Webb's data format (.DAT).


  • Convert data files to images
  • Apply percentile filters to results
  • Crop and pan over image data
  • Draw histograms of data distribution (useful for spotting scan peaks and drop-outs)
  • Apply a wide variety of color-maps and interpolation algorithms to data
  • Graphical application for interactive usage, command line applications for batch usage

The package is written in Python and has been successfully used under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux although it is currently only packaged for Windows and Linux.


Monday, 18 March, 2013 — Release 0.5
Release 0.5 has just been tagged in the source repository. No new features in this version, just a couple of bug fixes. The major news is that we finally have a working standalone Windows build with a proper MSI-based installer. Mac OS X builds are the next target. Binaries should be available from this page in short order...


Please select your platform from the packages list. For Windows (and eventually Mac OS X), this will download an installer for your platform. For the various Linux platforms this will either link to instructions for installation or will download a package.


RasTools is free software and is distributed under the terms of the GPL version 3 or greater. Please read the LICENSE.txt file included in the distribution for the full text of the license or visit the link above.