An unofficial client suite for OxiTop OC110 data loggers

OxiTopped is a small suite of utilities for obtaining data from an OxiTop OC110 data logger on a variety of platforms.


OxiTopped is not affiliated with, or endorsed by WTW GmbH in any way. This is a personal project to provide an interface to the OxiTop OC110 on alternate platforms.


OxiTopped is currently incomplete. My understanding of the serial protocol used to communicate with the device is probably sufficient to retrieve data from pressure mode runs (including manual measurements, although this is not currently implemented), but retrieval of data from BOD mode runs should be considered experimental at best.


  • Works on all common platforms (including Mac OS X and Linux, although packaging for Mac OS X is yet to be completed)
  • Includes command line tools for batch retrieval of data
  • Supports CSV and Excel export of data readings
  • Includes a rudimentary graphing capability in the GUI

The package is written in Python and has been successfully used under Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux although it is currently only packaged for Windows and Linux.


Wednesday, 20 March, 2013 — Release 0.2
Initial public testing release. Please take heed of the warning above! This should be considered a testing release only; do not use for production purposes yet.


Please select your platform from the packages list. For Windows (and eventually Mac OS X), this will download an installer for your platform. For the various Linux platforms this will either link to instructions for installation or will download a package.


OxiTopped is free software and is distributed under the terms of the GPL version 3 or greater. Please read the LICENSE.txt file included in the distribution for the full text of the license or visit the link above.